Dog Grooming
NOW ONLY GROOMING DOGS UNDER 30 LB and only at Carnation location

Bonnie's Dog Baths include:
shampoo, dry, and brush
ear cleaning
anal gland expression 

prices vary by dog size & coat condition

Bonnie's Dog Clips
small breeds:$64 -$72
medium breeds:    $75 - $94
large breeds: $75 - $125  Only doing very cooperative bigger dogs in my semi- retirement

APPOINTMENTS  206-387-2671
Please call 8am-5pm only, thanks

I designed my pet grooming salon for the comfort of the animals. Pet grooming is my sole focus and passion.
I limit the number of dogs & cats in my studio for a low stress environment.  I do cats the first appointments of the day, before the dogs arrive.  The one on one focus is key to doing cats.

Grooming can be difficult for pets, especially in chaotic, loud environments. In my shop, the animals never leave my sight and I can drop everything to soothe them if they get upset. The grooming studio is small and calm, and the walk-in dryers are quiet. Because I work alone, your pet and I will get to know each other and develop a safe, loving rapport.
TLC Facilities

relaxing in the dryer...
              a nice warm nap!
Bonnie's TLC Pet Grooming
...where it's all about the animals.

Services & Facilities
Bonnie's TLC proudly supports the 
Orangutan Foundation International
I'd love to tell you more about this amazing organization and these wonderful animals. Plenty of informational materials are available at the shop.