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Karri Patton:
I was lucky enough to have been referred to Bonnie by more than one friend.  My 16 year old American Eskimo "Reis" and I decided several years ago that neither of us enjoyed his bath time anymore.  We suffered through countless groomers who either were not compassionate or knowledgable enough to care for an American Eskimo.  Reis finally refused to enter any of these inferior establishments.  You can imagine my hesitation upon visiting Bonnie for the first time.  I was surprised and delighted that Reis took to her immediatley and she to him!!  He not only looks fantastic but does not hesitate to walk right in her door.  I can do what I need to do while Reis is with her and not worry a bit.  I can highly recommend Bonnie's TLC to any dog owner who really cares about the mental health and physical appearance of their beloved companions.  THANK YOU BONNIE!!!!
My pal Roger, a 15-year-old “Nipsey Russell Terrier,” so loves staying at Bonnie’s Barn in Carnation that I have an ever-so-slight delight in watching him not wanting to tear himself away from Bonnie and her own dogs when I return from travels and pick him up. Though thrilled to see me upon my return, he loves Bonnie and her beautiful refuge. 

Bonnie’s Country Overnight is his second home, and for good reason.  Bonnie and her family, including her two sweet pups, make Roger a part of the family rather than have him and the other canine kids feel like distant guests. By limiting the number of pets, my Roger is practically guaranteed a happy, healthy stay away!  “And as a former ‘cat parent,’ I have no hesitation recommending Bonnie’s Barn for my friends with feline companions. They’re respectively kept in separate quarters so they don’t freak about the canines in the Bonnie’s Barn neighborhood.

~ Greg Hunicutt, Seattle 

     We first met Bonnie over 15 years ago when our veterinarian recommended Bonnie's TLC Grooming for our then, very old and fragile Springer, Maddie.  Bonnie treated her with gentleness and Maddie always looked forward to her visits, pulling me to Bonnie's door. Our 11 year old Clumber spaniel, Ned and his 5 year old Chihuahua sister Chimmy have been going to Bonnie's since they were pups. Ned has been a regular at Bonnies TLC Grooming and sometimes it is hard to get him to leave with me! Our dogs LOVE their stays at Bonnie's Country
Overnights outside Carnation. They receive love and attention, care and comfort while there.  To top it off, they have a great place to run and play! It is truly a vacation for the pets! Recently we were on a trip and the "kids " were with Bonnie when we received a call from her that our little Chihuahua had a medical emergency, a ruptured anal gland.  Bonnie had already been in contact with our vet and promptly took our little girl in for emergency surgery. Bonnie kept us updated throughout the remainder of our trip and gave Chimmy special care and attention until our return. 
Thank you Bonnie, you are the best!  
     Ann Danford, Seattle

We first met Bonnie after our son's Dr. highly recommended her.. Astro and Tessy were regulars at TLC for years. Not once did we ever have to worry about how they were being treated, or how they looked when we picked them up. They loved going to see Bonnie. We moved away for a few years, and since lost our two Scotties after 14 years. Two years went by, and decided it was time for another Scottie. When it was time to have Apollo groomed, we did some researching hoping, just by chance that Bonnie would still be in business. We hit the lottery, 1st on the list was Bonnie's name. Apollo loves Bonnie, looks great every time he goes in for grooming, and most of all, is in a safe, friendly environment. We NEVER worry with Apollo when he's with Bonnie. She's one in a million! Thank you Bonnie for being so kind to our furry, four legged kids, we're so lucky to have you as our groomer and friend. Ben & Alex